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Disease Management

Fitness & Wellness Works is dedicated to helping their members manage their health conditions for a longer, healthier, and more active lifestyle. Our Disease Management Programs are directed at improving health outcomes by providing education, motivation, and support to achieve healthier habits and lifestyles for our members. Programs are designed to educate and influence member's behaviors to self-care; giving the support and educational materials they need to better manage their disease.
  • Develop member self-management skills
  • Reduce work absenteeism
  • Reduce intensity and frequency of condition-related symptoms
  • Enhance member quality of life, satisfaction and functional status
  • Assist and Improve member compliance with the physician's treatment plan
  • Improve communication between member, physician and health plan
  • Reduce hospitalizations and emergency room visits associated with asthma, diabetes, coronary artery disease, and Pulmonary disease
Learning all you can about your condition through a reliable source is an important first step toward living a better life. With help from our Fitness & Wellness Works Disease Management Programs you can learn to identify ways to gain control over your health and live a more productive lifestyle.

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